Saturday, 31 May 2014


The item at the top is from an issue of Birmingham "Vibe" magazine dated 1994 and is a review of an EP released by the Paolo Achenza Trio.
Under it is a chart published in a '94 Straight No Chaser magazine and features a track from the Paolo Achenza Trio EP called "Fez Bossa", which is quite apt because the DJ who compiled it, Nicola Conte, ran a jazz club called "The Fez" in Bari, Italy.
I have put up my copy of the EP to go with the items, a 12 inch vinyl release on Right Tempo.

Sunday, 25 May 2014


The album review at the top comes from a 1995 issue of Mixmag and is for the DJ Krush release - "Meiso".
Under it is a chart that was published in Wire mag with Meiso featured on it and was the playlist of the Cafe Internet in London.
I have accompanied the items with my own copy of the LP, a double vinyl release on MoWax, the cover artwork done by Futura 2000.

Sunday, 18 May 2014


The ad at the top appeared in an issue of Straight No Chaser magazine back in 1992 and is for an album called "The Best Of Donald Byrd".
I already had Donald Byrd albums in my collection by then but there were a couple of tracks on here that I didn't have which is why I ended up buying it. I also liked the artwork on the cover drawn by Al Hirschfeld.
Anyway, I opted for the double vinyl version of the album which was a limited edition, and it came out on Blue Note.

Saturday, 10 May 2014


All this stuff is dated 1994.
The ad, the review and the chart were all published in Straight No Chaser magazine and feature an album called "The New Jazz Spectrum", a compilation of retro jazz & latin grooves.
It was compiled by Russ Dewbury, who needless to say, also had the album at the top of his playlist for his Brighton Jazz Rooms DJ stint.
Although there were 2 extra tracks on the CD version, I stuck with vinyl and have put my cover up on display to accompany the mag items.
The LP was released on BGP.

Saturday, 3 May 2014


The item at the top is a review of 2 albums that were next to each other on the same page in XLR8R magazine in May 2001.
So because I have both of them in my collection I thought I'd display both covers on the same page too.
The first compilation is called "Staedtizism 2" on the German label ~scape and is a mixture of glitch, dub, jazz and dance.
The second album is also a compilation - one called "Substancia 3" released on Quatermass and contains a variety of electronic dance grooves & breakbeat instrumentals in the main.