Saturday, 29 March 2014


A bundle of old NinjaTune stuff to dip into!
I've put the magazine ads in chronological order - so the earliest one at the top is from Straight No Chaser mag and it goes back to 1994.
Next up is one dating from 1995 and is for the 'Funkjazztical Tricknology" compilation.
Under that is an ad for DJ Food & The Herbaliser also dated 1995 - this one published in Birmingham Vibe magazine.
Into spring 1996 for the next ad which comes from SNC mag and features a variety of releases.
Then onto winter '96 with the next SNC ad which also contains a variety of product.
Another ad from SNC next, this time dated 1997 and featuring Coldcut, DJ Food & DJ Krush albums with a mention of a Herbaliser tour and other biz.
Two acts are featured in the next '97 SNC ad - Amon Tobin and Up, Bustle & Out.
The last ad from 1997 is the black & white one which comes from On magazine.
Jumping into 1999 with the next ad which appeared in Milesahead magazine and contains a variety of releases and mentions a showcase gig featuring the same acts in the ad.
The final ad in the sequence is a full page job for DJ Food's "Kaleidoscope" album and was published in SNC in 2000.
I have quite a lot of Ninja Tune material in my collection but due to the amount of ads I put up I thought I'd just display one to accompany the items, and so I have opted for the triple vinyl compilation "Ninja Cuts: Flexistentialism" released in March 1996.
To end with, I thought it was worthwhile displaying the Ninja Tune book too while I was at it. It hit the shelves in 2010 and celebrates 20 years in biz, so needless to say it contains their background history, act profiles and complete discography.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


The top item is an ad that appeared in Straight No Chaser magazine in Spring 2000 and it's for a variety of recordings that came out on Compost.
One of the records mentioned is an album by Les Gammas called "Exercices De Styles" (spelt Excercises on the back of the sleeve) and so I have focused on that release to accompany the ad.
The chart under the ad is also from SNC mag and it has the Les Gammas album on the playlist compiled by the Transatlantic Audio team.
And for further information I have put my CD cover up to go with it.

Saturday, 22 March 2014


The top item is a double review of 2 albums that were released on the excellent Wordsound label.
It was published in XLR8R magazine in 2003 and needless to say I ended up buying both, so I have put the CD covers up to accompany the review.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


The ad at the top was published in Straight No Chaser magazine in 2001 and is for 3 albums released on Outcaste.
The 3 are - Badmarsh & Shri - Bombay Jazz Palace - Indian Summer.
I've picked out one from my collection to accompany the item - the Bombay Jazz Palace compilation - a selection of tasty retro jazz funk grooves with an Indian flavour.
So under the ad is a review of the album which was also in Straight No Chaser in 2001, and I've put my CD cover up for further details on the tracklist.

Saturday, 15 March 2014


In the early 90's, Kevin Beadle put together a series of compilations comprising of various jazz-funk grooves from the Argo & Cadet labels, so here's a couple of items relating to vols 1 & 2.
At the top is a review of both albums that was published in Straight No Chaser magazine in 1991, and under it is a chart also from SNC that shows Gilles Peterson was dipping into the first release "Off The Wall" for his live gigs and radio show.
Underneath that is a chart published in an August issue of Echoes in '91 and was compiled by James Lavelle when he was working at Honest Jon's shop in London. He had the second release "The Heatin' System" listed on his jazz chart.
The SNC review recommended buying both albums, so I did, and I have accompanied the mag items with my LP covers - both released via Charly Records.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


The article at the top was published in an issue of Breakin' Point magazine in spring 2000, and is for the album by Palmskin Productions called "Kunstruk".
So I've plucked out the CD from my own racks at home to go with the review - and the album was released on Pussyfoot Records.

Saturday, 8 March 2014


The top item is an ad for the Spacer album "Atlas Earth" that was published in a 1996 issue of Birmingham Vibe magazine, as was the review of the album under it.
The other review of the album comes from an issue of Straight No Chaser magazine the same year.
As you can see, 2 good write-ups that got me buying the double vinyl version of the LP - released on Pussyfoot Records.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


The top item was published in Wire magazine in October 2001 and is a review of an album by Mr Len called "Pity The Fool...", a kind of experimental hip hop trip featuring a few guests that were already doing the biz on the underground scene, such as Murs, Mr Live, Juggaknots and others.
I've put the cover of my CD up to go with the review for you to read the tracklist - the disc released on Matador Records in 2001.

Saturday, 1 March 2014


The top 2 items are a newsletter I got from Ultimate Dilemma in 1997.
It consists of updates about forthcoming recordings, a reminder of their live Musical Dilemma Soundsystem tour and has a list of their back catalogue.
In 1998, Ultimate Dilemma then came up with the idea of forming a kind of underground supergroup called Common Ground which featured a variety of well known acts like Raw Deal, Runaways, Aim, Tim Love Lee & a few others, and the item under the newsletter is an ad for their album called "No More Heroes", published in an issue of Straight No Chaser magazine in '98. It also has their tour dates on it.
Underneath that is a review of the album also from SNC mag.
Finally, I dipped into my collection at home and have accompanied the items with my CD of the album.