Saturday, 30 November 2013


I have almost all of the Totally Wired series, not quite the complete set but I'm only about 2 volumes short.
The stuff above all pertain to volume 9 in the series which was roughly around the halfway mark.
The top item is an ad that appeared in a November 1992 issue of Touch magazine.
Next is a review of the album from a December '92 issue of Touch.
Under that is another review, this time coming from a November '92 issue of DJ magazine.
Finally, I have accompanied the articles with a vinyl copy of the LP from my shelves at home - the compilation released on Acid Jazz of course.

Friday, 29 November 2013


The chart at the top comes from an Autumn issue of Straight No Chaser magazine dated 1993 and is the Dubfire playlist that was doing the biz back then in Washington DC.
From it I've plucked out the Fishbelly Black EP, a 6 track slice of vinyl on Backbeat Records with George Mitchell the main man behind it.
The one on display here being out of my racks at home.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


The ad at the top for Tosca's "Suzuki" album comes from a Jockey Slut magazine dated March 2000.
The review of the album was also published in the same issue and points out that it is more chillout than dancefloor.
The CD of it is from my collection at home and it was released on G-Stone / !K7.

Saturday, 23 November 2013


Some Kold Sweat stuff from the early 90's.
The top item is dated February 1991 and was published in Hip Hop Connection magazine. It's a bit of info about new releases to watch out for.
Following that are a couple of snippets from a 1992 DJ magazine also containing news about new releases.
Underneath that is a chart from DJ mag dated November 1992 and on it is Unanimous Decision with their "Rap Sings The Blues" track.
Next up is a Kold Sweat discography dating from 1992.
The ad for Katch 22 and Krispy 3 releases dates from spring 1993 and is from a Straight No Chaser magazine.
Finally, I have included 3 Kold Sweat EP's from my collection - the first one is the 1991 "Make A Living" 12" by Unanimous Decision and features 6 tracks.
The next one is also a Unanimous Decision 12", a 1992 release called "Bomb Diffusal" and also containing 6 tracks.
The last piece of vinyl is from 1992 and is the "Tales From The Southside" EP by Moving In The Right Direction, and it has 7 tracks on it.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


The ad at the top showcases a few albums released on German label, Yo Mama Records, the item cropping up in a 1993 issue of Straight No Chaser magazine.
Also from a '93 SNC is a short review of 3 of the albums in the ad.
One of the records mentioned is the Poets Of Peeze release "Eloquent Poetry", and so I have plucked out my copy of the LP to accompany the items.

Saturday, 16 November 2013


Here's more examples of hip hop mixtapes from the early/mid 1990's period.
The top 2 pages are typical of the kind of material that was available from mail order catalogues back then. The 2 shown here are from a guy in London who was selling the mixtapes in 1994, featuring the likes of Kid Magic, Wimpy Bee, First Klass, Double R, Boy Wonder, Silva Surfa, Ed Swift and Buck Wild.
Underneath those are photos of a couple of cassettes I got the year before from another mail order source and they are recordings from two of the hottest rap radio shows in USA at the time - Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito and Funkmaster Flex - both New York based and both 1993. They were double cassette packs too, so plenty of material to tune into.
Lastly, the cutting above is taken from a January 1998 issue of USA hip hop magazine, The Source, and in this particular edition they were celebrating their 100th issue and so listed their favourite albums, acts, labels and so on from past issues. Top of their favourite radio show list was Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


A couple of reviews at the top for the DJ Krush album "Strictly Turntablized".
The first one is from a November 1994 issue of Wire magazine.
The second one is from early 1995 and was published in Straight No Chaser mag.
The item under it was the Wire office playlist for November 94, and features the DJ Krush album.
Lastly, I have accompanied the items with my vinyl copy of the LP, released on Mo Wax.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Winter 1993 was when the ad at the top for the "Jazz Com Bossa" EP appeared in Straight No Chaser magazine.
The playlist chart under it featuring the EP was published in SNC in Spring 1994 and was compiled by Michael Kressbach who was giving it a spin at various clubs in Switzerland and Germany.
I have put up my copy of the EP to go with the items, released on Typhoon Records in Japan and showcasing 4 different acts.

Sunday, 10 November 2013


Although Gilles Peterson is more known for spinning records and running record labels rather than performing on them, he does in fact make an appearance on this record above as one of the band members.
That's How It Is was a free-form kind of club night at Bar Rumba in London, with the DJ's playing a mix of jazz and leftfield dance grooves, as well as guest acts passing through.
The item at the top is from a winter issue of Straight No Chaser magazine dated 1993 and is basically a club update for London but contains the news of the imminent release of a limited 12" EP under the That How It Is name.
Under it is a review of the record, also published in SNC at the end of '93.
By early 1994 the record is now out and about being played all over the place, with the SNC chart above compiled by DJ Def Lef showing he had That's How It Is on his playlist at Cafe Creme in Gothenberg.
Finally, I have accompanied the items with my copy of the EP, and you'll be able to spot that Gilles is credited as doing the clapping rhythm on Upa Neguinho!

Saturday, 9 November 2013


Before Gilles Peterson got his national show on BBC radio in 1998, he used to broadcast on other stations based in London.
All the charts above were published in Straight No Chaser magazine in the 90's and show you the kind of material he was playing across London's airwaves.
The list at the top dating from spring 1990 is from his Jazz FM days.
Under that is a playlist from his time at Kiss and that one is dated 1995.
The third chart is from Autumn 1998, and although the BBC were very slow on the uptake embracing the jazz-dance scene, Gilles' national show on Radio One is eventually up & running.
Under the charts are around 100 of my homemade cassettes, tape recordings of Gilles' BBC radio show "Worldwide" all of which date from the late 90's to the early 2000's. The tapes include his very first broadcast, and things like his 1998 World Cup special!
And to prove that home taping doesn't kill music, it actually helps a persons awareness when it comes to shopping, I referred to the content of these shows to go out and buy the stuff in order to have the originals as part of my own collection. In fact, the quantity of purchases I made would have turned out to be much less if I didn't record these shows.
Anyway, perhaps to also prove that I may have been a bit of a groove glutton, recording the Worldwide radio shows didn't stop me buying the album compilations of the show either, the CD above being the first in the series, released in 2000.